Jackson Public Works director provides update on efforts to fix wells


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Even those on the well water system in Jackson and Byram have gotten tied up in the City of Jackson’s water crisis with no clear timeframe on how long till it gets fixed or what needs to be replaced. Crews are still digging around the TV Road well, which distributes water to more than 2,000 customers along with Maddox, Raymond, and TV Road communities. Going into day seven of little to no water pressure, people are demanding more accountability.

For seven months Tangela Williams and her son worked to turn their new home off Forest Hill Road into their dream house. For the past week, simple house chores are becoming impossible to do without running water.

“This is actually clean bottled water I had used to pour and be up to date to be able to cook,” Williams stated. “Here’s another bottle of water I have to use to drink, to cook, and all that because I have no water.”

After restoring running water to the well off Siwell Road, contractors with Jackson are able to focus more on the TV Road well, but they will have many pipes to dig through. They won’t know what needs to be fixed until Tuesday morning.

“It’s a very labor-intensive and tedious work in order to break down a well and determine the cause and then gets it repaired,” Dr. Charles Williams, Jackson’s Public Works Director, said. “So, it takes some time, and we understand time is really not on our side because we have customers who are without water.”

For days, the Williams family have been unable to wash dishes, on top of going elsewhere to simply shower as early as 4:00 a.m. They’re even relying on rainwater saved in a trashcan to flush toilets.

“Even when they have the water giveaways it’s during work hours, people at work, we don’t have time to go get water. We’re working so that doesn’t do any good for those who work so we have to spend money on water,” said Williams.

The water well on Siwell Road ended up needing a new pump to be fully repaired, which the Public Works Department has yet to find. Until they do, the best scenario on how to fix the TV Road well remains unknown.

All well customers along with TV and Siwell Road for the time being remain under a boil water notice. They are asked to conserve water.

Tangela and her neighbors add that they’re unsure if they’ll continue to live in Jackson if this continues.

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