Jackson Public Works director provides update on repairs to two wells


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – New pumps to get the Siwell and TV Rd. water well systems fully back on track have arrived or are on the way. Siwell Rd. was running on a substitute pump which has now been moved here to TV Rd. A new pump arrived for the Siwell road well and will be installed this week. The pump for TV Rd. will take several days to arrive.

Trying to work around rain delays, crews must get water restored for good customers around Siwell Rd. With a brand new pump finally arriving from out of state.

“That new pump is in and we’ll be working over the next couple of days to get that installed,” Public Works Director Dr. Charles Williams said. “This is going to be a very laboring and tedious part of the work because we have to put the piping shaft back in. Some of that will have to be welded.”

Until then zero too little water will be coming out of the Siwell Rd. well for customers. Especially those on high elevations. With the substitute pump going over to TV Rd. customers here can expect higher pressure.

“Probably another week before we get the permanent pump at TV Rd.,” Dr. Williams added. “But we wanted to make sure we are getting some water into the system that’s why we moved the temporary pump over TV Rd. while we make the repairs at Siwell Rd.”

Over the weekend water pressure levels for customers around the well along TV Rd. began to rise to levels making it doable for simple house chores. One anonymous homeowner explained the struggle.

“It almost feels like you’re in a third-world country without running water and it was rough,” he said. “We’ll take showers at the gym and they were given out cases of water which I’m thankful for but we couldn’t flush toilets.”

Many in South Jackson neighborhoods saw this problem growing over the past three years. If long-term solutions aren’t found, they’re unsure if they can keep living in Jackson.

The homeowner added, “We choose to be here and it kind of makes it hard to be a resident when problems like this come around. It’s kind of hard to stick around. We want to be here in the city of Jackson but they make it rough.”

Both wells serve about 2,000 customers who are still under a boil water notice. If there are no more rain delays crews hope Siwell can be back to normal by the end of this week.

If you’re experiencing any water break issues around your community during this or need info you can call the City of Jackson 3-1-1 line to get things figured out.

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