Jackson’s water system reaches higher PSI level after setback on Wednesday


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Day 17 of the water outage for thousands of Jackson businesses and homeowners, but we’re hearing the end of this crisis could be near. In an update from the city, the Public Works Director pressure and water flow to tanks are building back up.

While there are still over 20 water main breaks confirmed across Jackson the pounds per square inch measurements coming out of the O.B Curtis water treatment plant sits at 85. Five pounds less than pre-ice storm water levels.

Jackson Public Works Director Dr. Charles Williams called Thursday’s update a good day as crews secured promising numbers at the plant and through the distribution system.

“Hopefully over the weekend we can continue to see gains in our tanks and pressure sustained,” Dr. Williams said. “Then fully we can say a majority of our residents except for some isolated areas will be with water.”

Still as we near three weeks of no running water for South and West Jackson, Mayor Lumumba used information from Dr. Williams’s findings to send a letter to Governor Tate Reeves asking for $47 million in state and federal aid to permanently repair water infrastructure.

“City has been asking for assistance and this is a quantified number,” Dr. Williams continued. “And if it’s approved, we will utilize it for improvements at our water treatment facilities and our water distribution lines.”

In communities like Shannon Dale Dr., water came back at a slow drizzle, drawing one homeowner to buy water out of state as she was coming home from a long trip.

“Buckets and boiling water or going to the store and getting cases of water is how I’ve been getting by,” homeowner Bell Taylor told us. “Probably use a case and a half to flush toilets or maybe more.”

Most on the street haven’t been able to properly bathe in over a week. Also having livelihoods in the cosmetology industry, no running water means fewer customers.

“I cut hair and as far as shaving or hot towel use and all that,” Taylor added. “It’s been cut out and eliminated some of the money I could have made.”

With city elections coming up for the mayor’s seat, the water outage was a hot topic candidates debated over the best solutions. Other roads still without water include Forest Hill and McCluer Rd. Plus, pockets in West Jackson due to a new water main break on Medger Evers Blvd.

Click here to read the letter.

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