Jackson Public Works director provides update on water crisis


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – On Wednesday, Jackson Public Works Director Dr. Charles Williams announced the water pressure for the city’s system dropped significantly due to debris. The PSI dropped from the upper 80s to 55.

Dr. Williams said crews are working to get raw water screens that stopped functioning back online.

On Tuesday, the Jackson City Council passed a resolution for a one-cent sales tax increase to address water and sewer problems.

The Rhines family lives in South Jackson, and they said they’ve always had issues with water pressure. They want a permanent solution to the issue, not a hike in the sales tax.

“That one percent is going to come out of the pockets of the people who can’t really least afford a tax increase of any kind when there’s no accountability of where this money is going. The other thing I’m curious about is the money that came from the settlement of the water meters. Where did that money go?” they asked.

Brian Thomas, who also lives in Jackson, said he’s against the sales tax hike.

“It shouldn’t be anything at our expense at this point. Low pressure for the last three years on Forest Hill Road, it was mentioned on the news. Nothing has been done about it. It’s been two weeks,” he said.

Other neighbors said they’re not certain about a higher tax. If it would stop future water problems, they would consider it.

“I’m for anything that will help the community. If the one-cent sales tax will be used for the community, then in deed we can spare one-cent on every dollar,” said Pastor Vera Bishop.

The new measure would have to be approved by the Mississippi Legislature. It would then go on the ballot to be voted on by Jackson neighbors.

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