Jackson Public Works vs. possible snowy conditions


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Infrastructure and how we travel is another area of focus for preparing for any chances of snow.

Crews will be on standby Sunday night and most of their eyes will be on bridges and roads making sure they have material ready to thaw out but the threat won’t be over after Monday morning.

It’s a rare occasion for us around the Jackson Metro to be calling for snow but after the past year, we’ve had anything is possible.

“I’m pretty ready for it though and got everything weatherized and everything,” Jackson homeowner James Stidaqm told us. “Got my salt just in case I slip.”

Jackson Public Works will be keeping an eye on infrastructure holding together. The department doesn’t have any snow plows or tractors to use in these situations but plans to distribute salt and sand to thaw routes.

“We do have a spreader that can spread salt out and sand,” Director Charles Williams explained. “We also have some of our maintenance crews out hand shoveling sand and salt on some of the bridge structure and overpass.”

As temperatures warm up during the day roads should keep clear but when they drop Monday night public works emphasize the threat of black ice will come back as slush or water refreezes.

“If there’s a time that we need to block off a particular bridge we’ll have that accessible for us to block those areas off for traffic,” Williams added. “So it will not be a safety hazard for our motorists.”

Officials advise you to limit all travel to what’s really essential and be mindful of how fast you drive with extra space from other drivers.

“We need people to watch their speed, just be careful when they’re traveling,” Williams cautioned. “Watch out for any type of icy areas on the road, but most importantly just take your time.”

“Have to probably make an extra hour or so to commute because you can’t count on other drivers move the way you move,” Stidaqm stated. “Dress warm, put on a scarf.”

The aftermath could be worse where Jackson roads are already in bad shape due to snow or water freezing in cracks or potholes making them grow.

City leaders add it makes everyone get through this easier and safe if neighbors can check in with each other to make sure we’re prepared by having errands done down to getting someone’s mail if we know they can’t walk through the ice and snow.

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