Jackson State fans and commentators react to possibility of Deion Sanders hiring


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The anticipation is growing on who will be leading the Jackson State Tigers onto the gridiron this Spring, it could be an NFL Hall Of Famer.

Multiple sources have reported Deion Sanders is going to be announced as the next head coach of Tiger Nation.

It’s not often you hear even rumors of a two time Super Bowl champ, NFL and Collge Football Hall of Famer with eight pro-bowl selections considering the head coaching job at this level. But many with deep sources in the world of HBCU sports say its happening.

Fans of Thee I Love have been buzzing the last few weeks with who will take over JSU football.

“I’m a native from Jackson, Mississippi to be honest and just to hear a big name come down here just to coach the team it’s crazy,” Jackson State Grad student Yuan Nichols said. “I can’t put all that into words.”

Hosts of the 1400 Klub podcasts pointed to Athletic Director Ashley Robinson’s resume showing how they could pull this off.

“No name would surprise me, you know all the places he’s traveled and all the experience he’s gained,” C. Daryl Neely of Tiger Talk told us. “He’s been known to do some big splash in the paradigm hire.”

“When he was at Prairie View, he made a couple hires on the football program that we’re head-turners in terms of excitement,” Charles Bishop of Tiger Talk added.

Plus a big name could mean more funding to upgrade facilities and drive ticket sales up.

“Now you’re going to be going into parents’ homes and you have a person that’s a Hall of Famer and played the game at the highest-level college and pro,” Neely said. “Everybody knows his work ethic and what he brings to the table. He is a defensive guy so you expect the secondary to be out of this world.”

“Especially with the DB’s he’s very famous for being Prime Time you know how they do it,” SWAC football fan Phillip Love stated.

No matter what the scoreboard says Tiger Nation always has Veterans Memorial Stadium booming and fans believe a personality like Deion’s will fit the atmosphere perfectly.

“Especially with the type of students we have,” Zykeria Henderson, a junior at Jackson State said. “The guys I know they’re very dedicated they’re very experienced and always looking for a win.”

Jackson State’s Athletic Department has gone back and forth with if they even considered Deion Sanders to sitting down finalizing a deal with him and other finalists. The official announcement is expected Monday morning.


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