Jackson State Women’s Basketball adds a new face to their roster, six-foot-five center Diamond Forrest


Forrest alongside SWAC Defensive Player of the Year Ameshya Williams are two twin towers opponents will find tough to get around.

Jackson State women’s basketball head coach Tomekia Reed led her team to their first regular season title in over a decade this season. A successful year has helped the program boost recruiting and gain respect, something Coach Reed has been aiming for since she took the head coaching job two years ago.

“Having a winning season definitely helps with recruiting,” said Coach Reed. “When I took the job at Jackson State, I really wanted to get into the community and recruit the state of Mississippi because Jackson State hadn’t done so in so many years and so to do that you have to gain that respect and to get that respect you have to be able to win games.”

Jackson State recently signed six-foot-five center Wichita State transfer Diamond Forrest, a player who is going to change the game on the inside.

“Diamond is going to change the game completely,” said Reed. “We’ve never had a player that big in several years and so she is definitely going to be a force on the inside. She’s bringing that power five competititon energy to the floor. She’s bringing that experience to the floor and so she’s going to turn a lot of people around from coming in on the inside. Having Ameshya Willams alongside of her…those twin towers are going to cause people a lot of problems.”

While the Tigers were regular season conference champions, Coach Reed says there is still room for improvement.

“Next season  we want to pick up where we left off. We had a lot of areas to improve on even though we went 13-0. We want to start right there and pick up from where we left off. I’m just really thankful for the effort my team put on the floor this past season and for my staff efforts to help put Jackson State back in the community as a prominent university.”

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