Jackson USPS customers react to backup in deliveries


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — If you have received or sent mail anytime recently, chances are it might’ve arrived later than it normally would, that’s because funding for the United States Postal Service has decreased by the billion in the last 12 years, according to the government accounting office.

USPS is a little backed up lately, and people like Mark Stover.

“I noticed that packages are coming slower and that I have less mail,” Mark Stover said. “I guess that corona is slowing things down.”

Some people like Curtis Drake have said it might take double the amount of time it usually takes to arrive, and sometimes their mailboxes are empty.

“Usually it takes about a week but lately it’s been taking two or three weeks more,” Drake said. “You’re waiting on something to come and then you go to the post office and it’s not here.”

Something to keep in mind is that many people may be casting their votes this November via mail in ballot, meaning that time is of the essence.    

President Trump said that USPS will require a bailout in order for votes to arrive in a timely fashion, his plans to handle those steps are unclear.


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