Jackson water crisis continues as week three nears


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Jackson continues to suffer through a nearly three-week water crisis after a winter storm caused frozen pipes and water main breaks leaving thousands with little to no water in their home.

“Our water pressure has been low and you know the last time we got water was over at the metro center so I think its a real good thing that everybody is still giving out water because we need it and alot of more people need it and one of these is going to my grand kids,” said James Knotts.

More than 600 cases of water have been provided to the community and fire departments have also distributed non-drinking water. Neighbors said it’s helpful but as the time goes on they are trying to be patient.

“Just tryna be patient with it because its not gonna do you any good to be upset about it what can you do about it. It is what it is you just got to wait for them to do whatever they got to do as far as  to try to get the water back to where is supposed to be. So getting upset and being mad is not gonna do any good, its not gone fix it.”

The City Public Works Department said that there still remains some small pockets in South Jackson that continue to struggle and estimate it to be affecting less than 1,000 connections at this time.

Some are with water others are without. Many expressed appreciation that the community is coming together to make water is available any way they can.

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