Jackson water customers move forward with new attorney to sue the city


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A judge has approved a new attorney to represent individuals in a lawsuit against Jackson over losing water for not paying high bills.

While Jackson continues their legal battle against the company Siemens, Attorney Carlos Moore believes everyday water customers in the city are being left out and wants their access to water returned.

For almost a year citizens have lined up at the Jackson water billing center stunned with outrageously high water-bills with nowhere to turn.

“One of my clients has a $19,000 water bill,” Attorney Moore said. “Another one has over $16,000 balance.”

After a judge dismissed a group of citizens’ first attempt to file a lawsuit due to their lawyers’ conflict of interest, Carlos Moore of Grenada stepped in to carry the legal battle forward.

“People should not be bearing the brunt of the burden,” Attorney Moore continued. “The City of Jackson decided to contest with Siemens, unfortunately, Siemens has installed a faulty meter system but the people should not bear that burden. And then if you fail to pay them they turn your water off.”

There’s been no trial date set yet, but Moore has filed a motion for a status conference and hopes for quick deadlines to be set claiming lives are on the line.

“One man appears to be close to 80 years of age and he has no water,” Attorney Moore stated. “To this day and moment, he has no water. Totally unfair, he could die in the current situations in which he’s living in.”

Partnering with Working Together Jackson the city has taken notice of bills being unaffordable and did release their own plan setting up long term monthly payment options.

“If the customer is renting the property than the city of Jackson will allow the delinquent balance to be paid off in monthly increments of $75,” Public Works Director Bob Miller said back on Oct. 2nd.

“Similarly if the customer is the owner of the property we’ll allow the delinquent balance to be paid off with an initial payment and then in monthly increments of not less than $75 and no more than $150.”

When asked about these new payment options Attorney Moore stated it’s “not good enough” and he welcomes any individuals with too high water bills to come forward and contact the Cochran firm in Grenada to join his clients.

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