JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership (GJCP) has released a guiding set of principles as Mississippi officials work towards a solution on the ongoing water crisis in the capital city..

Comprised of about 1,400 Jackson businesses, the chamber represents more than 200,000 employees. Through meetings with Mississippi officials and community and business leaders, the goal is to get on the same page.

“Everybody wants a solution, and I think one of our challenges here is that although we all want the same goal. The road we take to that goal is different. We thought as an organization, we could assist in the process by laying down those principles for recovery and addressing the water system that lets everybody get on the same road,” said Jeff Rent, president and CEO of GJCP. “How we recover, how we address this problem is going to speak well for the state leadership, for the city leadership, and everybody can take a win at the end of the day.”

The guiding principles include finding a solution that is equitable for all Jackson residents and one that applies permanent solutions to Jackson’s water infrastructure.