JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A national nonprofit marched alongside residents of Jackson through the downtown area Monday afternoon, calling for the state’s help with ending Jackson’s water crisis permanently.

Dozen of protestors took to the streets of downtown Jackson, marching nearly a mile from Mount Helm Baptist Church to Capitol Street for a rally right outside the Governor’s Mansion.

Members of the Poor People’s Campaign from all over the country, city leaders, and county leaders attended the event. Residents of Jackson said they are tired of having to live like this, and they are demanding change for their families.

“I won’t stop fighting. I have to get up, get the kids out for school. It’s a struggle for them because they don’t really understand why they can’t drink this water. I have to constantly tell them because I’m scared son, I’m scared daughter, because I don’t know what’s in this water, and I really don’t know what’s next,” said Jackson resident Deneka Samuel.

The state is current working with city leaders to fix water infrastructure issues under an emergency order, but organizers and residents are calling for the state to still help out as needed even after the order expires. They also would like to see more state funds sent to Jackson for water.

“As a mother of two young children, I know all too well the strain that Jackson’s water crisis and continuing water and sewer issues has put on all of our families. Our city, like others in our state, has been denied support for our aging infrastructure,” said Brooke Floyd with the People’s Advocacy Institute.

The Poor People’s Campaign and other local community organizations say they will keep fighting until Jackson’s water infrastructure system is properly funded and functioning.