JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson’s Third-Party Administrator Ted Henifin said he’s still facing challenges due to the city’s water billing system.

Right now, the amount of revenue the city is getting through water bills is short of what it currently takes to run the water system. According to Henifin, contractors are installing water meters for customers, so they get reliable bills that they’re willing to pay.

He also suggested using federal dollars to pay off the city’s debt associated with the water and sewer system.

“That will one solve our bond covenant issues and to put us in a position to be sustainable moving forward where we can generate enough revenue to actually reinvest in the system over time. So, the plan shows that we can, in five years, become fully sustainable, have 90 days cash on hand, and be generating $20 million a year to put back in the system, which is a great ability to reinvest in the system,” stated Henifin.

He added that if the city receives approval from the Department of Health, the city’s water and sewer debt could be retired by the end of the year.