JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The local organization, MS Strong, is working to help Jackson neighbors who have been affected by the water crisis pay their water bills.

Those who are having financial difficulty paying their water bill may now visit www.SippStrong.com to sign-up to get their water bill paid. The only requirement is that you live in the affected area.

If any resident is in need of water and doesn’t have transportation to receive the water, they can also sign up to have water delivered to their homes for free. This is located under the ‘Need Help’ tab on the website.

Volunteers can also visit the website to find ways they can support others.

We’re so very thankful for all of our partners and organizations in and outside of Jackson that’s helping during this water crisis to make MS Strong possible. I strongly encourage everyone to visit the website who is in need of any help during this time and those who want to help. We are certainly very appreciative of every effort of everyone coming to Jackson everyday to help our state capitol for example a group of constables from Baton Rouge came to Jackson yesterday to feed the elderly. Small acts of kindness like this goes a very long way. Not only are we giving out water to those who need it the most, we’re severing food, paying water bills; we’re doing everything we can to ease the burden for our citizens. Our focus has expanded to providing food, water, and water bill assistance. Anything I can do to help. Jackson please know that help is on the way. Together, we’re Mississippi Strong.

Senator Sollie Norwood (D-District 28)