JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson restaurants are beginning to recover from the city’s latest water crisis.

Staff with Broad Street Baking Company and Cafe say business has returned to normal sine reopening on January 4.

Management says customers have been supportive in helping to raise sales. They’ve also returned to full staff. The business had to close for more than a week after losing water pressure on December 24.

Co-owner Jef Good says both the bakery and staff lost thousands of dollars during that time. Restaurant management says while business is going well, they’re still concerned about the future of the city’s water system.

“We’re doing great. We have full water pressure. We’re brewing teas and coffees, full speed ahead. Our dishwashers are working fabulously. Things are where we would like them to be. Of course, with the exception of the continued water woes that we have here in Jackson, but things are looking up and we’ve been open, steady, fully. Hopefully Jackson, with this money that they’ve been given, hopefully we can get the infrastructure in order and get these water issues under control. I’ve been here seven years. I’ve seen this happen more times than I care to remember. Me personally, it would be nice to be able to continue to function like normal without having to worry next week if we’ll be without water,” said Mimi Grisby, a shift leader.

The company has returned to full business hours.