JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – With Jackson’s citywide boil water notice lifted, city leaders met for a special council meeting to make sure proper measures are being put in place to fix the ongoing needs of the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Facility.

Staff in the Public Works Department have come under scrutiny from city officials. They said proper protocol was not followed by presenting an order before the City Council to make sure timely payments were made to companies bidding to provide proper chemicals for water treatment.

According to Councilman Aaron Banks, Ward 6, there’s no specific one person who is at fault for not submitting the paperwork.

Banks estimates they’ll have to shell out over $1.5 million for unpaid invoices and special services.

“When those invoices are submitted, then people can get paid. One of the things that we have to make sure is that we’re not authorizing people to go ahead and do the work without there being the agreement as approved by the House. I’m confident now at this point that those things are being addressed. One of the things I think that is important is that the council is sending the message that we’re going to be above board and very fiscally-sound when it comes to these decisions,” said Banks.

On Thursday, Governor Tate Reeves said it was unlikely that Jackson will continue to operate its own water system.

In addressing that statement, Banks asks that the state give the council the chance to put in place the proper checks and balances.