JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Many local residents have been affected by the Jackson water crisis, as well as businesses that use water on a daily basis.

Felicia Brisco, the owner of Hair Gallery II, said the beauty industry in Jackson has taken a major hit during the water crisis.

“It’s hard to work when there is low pressure, and clients are hesitant to come in because they’re not sure what containments maybe in the water,” explained Brisco.

Many business owners like Brisco believe in staying in the capital city to operate their businesses successfully, but the water situation is making it difficult to do that.

“We know that this issue will not be fixed in a matter of months, but a lot of businesses will not be able to sustain until it is fully functional,” said Brisco.

Brisco and her employees at Hair Gallery II have been operating to the best of their ability by giving their clients a sanitary and safe service. She hopes the water crisis will soon come to an end so her business can go back to normal services.