JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The recent loss of water pressure is proving costly for some hotels in Jackson.

Homewood Suites at Fondren Medical District has been without running water since Christmas Eve.

Management said they’ve lost up to 90% of its daily bookings in the last week. Many guests either canceled their bookings or decided to leave early after the hotel lost water.

Hotel management says they are losing thousands of dollars in revenue.

“It has caused us to have to call every guest daily, make them aware that we don’t have water. It affects our revenue. It’s affecting our labor. We’re having to cut labor because we don’t have the revenue to staff our team here. We do have a few guests that do choose to stay here if they’re one-nighters. You can’t shower, you can’t drink the water. We have nothing to offer for them, really, except a bed. It’s aggravating for them to come and expect a home away from home, which we provide or should provide. We can’t because of lack of proper water,” said Blake Butler, manager of Homewood Suites.

Hotel staff has been supplying each guest with bottled water.