JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson resident is doing what he can to make sure everyone who needs water can get it.

Local businesses and homes have had little to no water for days. Although there are multiple distribution sites set up around the city of Jackson, this resident took another approach.

Marcus Wallace and a few volunteers began passing out water on Oakland Avenue and ended on Shady Oaks. He said he wants to make sure the elderly and disable citizens get clean water because they are not able to get to distribution sites.

“One of the things I continue to stress, these are difficult times. People are very frustrated. We’ve gone through so much. You often hear everybody saying Jackson is resilient. We are resilient, but we’re tired,” said Wallace.

Wallace brought three truckloads of water. He said people could get cases of water easier if they were stationed in neighborhoods because it is more accessible than the distribution sites.

“I would just like to challenge the leaders in this community from all levels of government. City, county, state, federal, all the above to get you a pickup truck. If you don’t have one, borrow somebody’s pickup truck. Get some water and go off into these neighborhoods. These people would like to see you. They’re in desperate need. Showing up, showing your face and giving them a case of water makes a whole lot of difference,” said Wallace.