JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Frustration is running high for many Jackson neighbors who are still without water.

One Jackson household has been without water for nearly a week. Some parts of Jackson have had little to no water. The entire Wayfair neighborhood has been without water since December 25.

“I don’t know why I turn the faucet on just to get let down. I appreciate the city for doing what they do, but we have no water. It’s depressing. It’s depressing to try to wake up and you don’t have your basic essentials. We need water,” said Angela Thompson, a Jackson neighbor.

Thompson said she has to use 12-15 bottles of water just to flush her toilet. She said although the city is passing out bottles of water, gallons are needed. Friends have texted her saying they, too, have been without water since the 24th and that they hope the new year will be different.

“I just hope that this situation is fixed and resolved. This hasn’t been the first incident and I don’t think Jacksonians will be able to continue to endure. It’s sad. We’ve got homes and really can’t live in them because of water,” she said.

Thompson said losing water during the holidays ruined her Christmas and is now thinking about moving.