JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Neighbors along David Street in Jackson said they are frustrated about dealing with the city’s ongoing water woes.

Laquyana Murphy said despite words from city leaders about the water being safe to drink, she refuses to take a sip.

“I spend $100 on the water in the store because we buy the gallons for cooking and brushing our teeth. We don’t take baths in it. We will shower but we’re not gonna sit in it,” said Murphy.

She said issues with the water on David Street have been ongoing for nearly four years.

As far as a water bill, they check online for estimates. They said the last time they received a bill was about four months ago. They believe a leaking water meter has caused their estimated cost to spiral upwards.

“I’ve gone down there trying to get this resolved, talked to Stokes, the mayor, called on the phone. They’ve turned me around. I’ve even left work,” said Ernest Murphy.

Other families in the neighborhood are also dealing with high water bills and delays in bills for months.