JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Restaurants in Jackson are once again being impacted by a citywide boil water notice.

Broad Street Bakery has been closed since Tuesday due to the loss in water pressure. Owners said the restaurant is losing around $7,000 a day. Employees are also not being paid. Bravo and Sal and Mookie’s have opened since regaining some water pressure.

Due to the boil water notice, the restaurant owners said they are having to pay hundreds of dollars more for bottled water and ice. The lack of water is also making daily operations more difficult.

“We live and breathe by being able to serve healthy food in a clean environment. We need water to wash our hands. We need water to be able to clean things. We need water to be able to cook. The health department is very clear on their rules. If you do not have the ability to wash your hands, to flush the toilet and to run your dish machine, you shouldn’t open,” said Jeff Good with Magina Bene Restaurant Management Group. “The real sad part is the loss of opportunity for those that work for us. The majority of our staff, 80 to 90% of our staff are hourly employees. They make money by coming to work and being on the clock.”

Broad Street Bakery owners hope to reopen the restaurant Thursday morning.