JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – All 54 Jackson Public Schools (JPS) will soon be operating on their own water tanks instead of using the City of Jackson’s water.

World Central Kitchen, a Washington, D.C., based nonprofit, teamed up with Home Depot to donate 600 gallon tanks to all of the schools, starting with Van Winkle Elementary School.

The tank was set up on Monday and disinfected overnight. The tank is expected to be up and running by the end of Tuesday.

“It will be filled with potable water so that the schools can use them for cooking and for drinking water for the students. Right now, the district has water, but it’s not potable. It’s not drinkable. We’re hoping that by providing these tanks, the school district doesn’t have to cobble together pallets of water to help the student drink every day, and with these tanks, they’ll be able to get back in school as soon as possible,” said Dan Abrams with World Central Kitchen.

“It’s incredible. During these times, water is hard to come by, and for them to support Van Winkle with the water is incredible,” said Marc Rowe, executive director for JPD Child Nutrition.

World Central Kitchen officials hope to have all of the tanks installed by Friday, September 9.