JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson State University (JSU) is working to recover from the latest water crisis that’s affecting the City of Jackson.

Students returned to in-person learning on Thursday. Leaders said they’re doing what they can to assist students on and off campus.

“We want our students to focus on their academic goals and achievements, not on how they’re going to be able to brush their teeth and how they’re going to shower. And so, it’s been a challenge to make sure that we’re keeping up student morale, that we’re keeping up the mental and physical health of our students, and that we continue to make sure that we’re focused on this great institution,” said Dr. Fran’Cee Brown-McClure, JSU vice president of student affairs.

Even though dining options have expanded in recent years, the university is limited to the primary dining hall on campus.

The university also brought in temporary portable showers for students to use outside the doors. However, students are not able to do laundry on campus.

“We could not turn on our laundry facilities because we didn’t have water. And our priority, once we got the water pressure back, was to make sure that we could maintain it for students to use the restrooms and to shower. And so, we’re now in the process of trying to test out our laundry facilities to make sure that we’re bleeding those lines and that they can use those laundry facilities in a safe and productive way. We’re also partnering with neighboring companies to make sure that we can get laundry services to our students that we’re going to roll out this afternoon for our on campus students, but we hope to have our laundry facilities on campus up and running next week,” said Brown-McClure.