JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s a new year and many people have their resolutions for 2023. Instead of personal goals, many people said they’re hopeful the City of Jackson can resolve infrastructure issues this year.

Last year brought many obstacles for the city, but with a new year comes renewed optimism for change for some Jacksonians.

“Water. That’s my main thing,” said one neighbor.

“Water from the pipes. But it’s not the mayor fault. Because the old pipes been here before he came in office,” said another.

“These potholes in the streets because there’s a lot of them through our neighborhoods and throughout the city. There’s been a lot of potholes and things like that. I hope and pray that they solve it,” said another neighbor.

Outside of infrastructure, crime and water, people want more invested into the school system.

“The school system. Working with the school system. Making better decisions for the teachers, fixing the schools, giving the kids opportunity to be successful, do good, get a good Mississippi education,” said a neighbor.

As the city continues to work through the capital’s woes, some people have faith that this year, city leaders will get it right.