JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Officials with JXN Water provided an update on Monday on their new water and sewer billing system.

Over the weekend, Third Party Manager Ted Henifin was officially put in charge of the City of Jackson’s sewer system.

JXN Water updated its revenue books and billing system to now handle both bills for its customers. The company also plans to start cutting water off for past due bills this fall.

An official date for the cutoff has not been announced, but officials said Jacksonians need to get current on their water bills now.

“The only thing that is going to show up on the customer’s bill is debt that has been billed since December. That’s really what his focus is because that’s all he has control over. So, what we’re doing is focusing on that debt that was incurred since December 2022, and I do know of a customer this morning who had like a $3,000 balance last week. And this week, it’s only reflective from December to now. So, it’s a significant impact on the customers,” said Carla Daze, JXN Water billing executive.

JXN Water is also working on an online self-service system to set up payment plans to avoid the cutoffs.