JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Interim Third-Party Manager Ted Henifin provided an update to the Jackson City Council about the sewage issues in the capital city.

Henifin said tremendous progress has been made. This comes after JXN Water recently took over the city’s sewage system.

Henifin said a list of orders showed 219 dry weather overflow problems, but he believes the actual number is closer to 300. More than 30 orders on that list have been addressed, and at least one has been fixed in most neighborhoods.

Henifin said there’s more work to be done on the sewage side, but funding has been an issue.

“Funding is a challenge on sewer because we don’t have federal funding. We’re working hard to start tracking and identify the folks in that portion who aren’t paying their bills, starting on commercial side making calls. Part of the reason shutoffs are delayed is because the metering contract company to have enough staff to turn water back on. We don’t want to shut off people off and not be able to turn their water back on for two days,” Henifin told the council.

He said the first issue to address with sewage is to clean up the long list of dry overflows in people’s homes and yards.