JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Keep Jackson Beautiful is partnering with Replenysh to host sites across Jackson to help collect plastic water bottles from water distribution sites.

The city has received many resources for neighbors who are in need due to the water crisis. Many have picked up bottles of water from distributions sites across Jackson.

However, officials with Keep Jackson Beautiful are concerned the plastic bottles are not being disposed of properly. The bottles could cause damage to the environment if the items are left in areas for too long.

Keelan Sanders, the executive director for Keep Jackson Beautiful, said the plastic collection sites will help the environment and prevent harm to the ozone layer.

“For us to be good citizens by not only taking care of our children and their children, but it also considers to take the proper measurements now to keep our space safe for us and them as well,” said Sanders.

Sanders said he was born and raised in Jackson and has experienced the good and the bad, which motivates him to continue to seek better solutions for the city.

“Starting this program is the solution to what Jackson has experienced for several years now,” said Sanders. “We just want to do the most we can now so that we wont have to suffer later.”

Keep Jackson Beautiful has partnered with Replenysh to build recycling sites that will provide a better source to the community for residents to drop off their recyclable items. Hours of operations have not been determined.

Sanders said the Replenysh mobile app will direct neighbors to recycling collection sites.