JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson leaders said the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant made significant gains again.

On Friday, the total plant output increased to 80 PSI. The ideal pressure level is 87 PSI. Leaders said this ensures there is enough water pressure to adequately supply the entire system.

Six of the tanks on the surface system have reached stable levels, and the other tanks continue to make progress. More areas throughout Jackson now have some pressure, and many are now experiencing normal pressure.

Leaders said areas further away from the plant and at higher elevations may still be experiencing low to no water pressure. They said pressure will continue to improve as the tank levels increase.

Work is underway in the plant on Friday on both the membrane and conventional systems. Leaders said this work is initially focused on increasing the production ability of the O.B. Curtis facility.

Multiple contractors will be on site Friday doing assessment work again.