JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mount Helm Baptist Church held a water distribution near Downtown Jackson. Families were able to get two cases of water per case until all of the nearly 700 cases were gone.

Community members say they’re tired of having to live like this and hope the water crisis will be resolved soon now that it’s gained national attention.

“Finally, we got the feds and government involved. We can get it done now. It should have been done years ago. The city has been dragging their feet on that, so I’m happy to see them get it done. We’re on the right track now,” said Delen Robertson, who lives in Jackson.

“I’m hopeful, I’m prayerful that we will. With the city, county, state and federal government working together, I hope we can put an end to this so that we don’t have to worry about going through another crisis like this in the near future,” said Mount Helm Baptist Church Pastor CJ Rhodes.

The church also held a similar distribution event during the 2020 ice storm.