JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Another local church gave out water in Northwest Jackson. Several groups partnered with the Greater Fairview Missionary Baptist Church for the event.

Cars started pulling over an hour early to make sure they didn’t get caught in the long lines they’ve become used to seeing at water distribution sites.

People said they’re glad to see officials, businesses and local organizations doing their part to supply water to the community.

“They’re showing love because they’re coming together as one. That is so much of a blessing. The last three days, I’ve been out going to get water. I’ve been patient. Sitting in line and being patient because it takes patience. The people are doing a great job. We’ve got to work with them as well as they work with us,” said Melvis Taylor, who lives in Jackson.

Pastor Vincent Russell said, “It’s kind of heartbreaking for our city to have to go through this. It means a lot that we’re not by ourselves. With this particular tragedy that has been going on, our phones are blowing up with people from all across the country. From New York, from Los Angeles, from Detroit saying, ‘What’s going on in Jackson? How can we help?”

Doug Williams of the Gospel Group “The Williams Brothers,” his wife Felicia and “The Sharing Network” all teamed up with the church for the event.