JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson leaders said the O.B. Curtis Water Plant remained at steady pressure over the past 24 hours and is currently working at 84 PSI.

Tanks levels remain stable after issues on Wednesday with the Magnolia Tank and Booster Station.

Overall water production increased on Wednesday. The membrane plant at O.B. Curtis produced 22 million gallons. The conventional plant at O.B. Curtis increased to 15.4 million gallons.

Leaders said work continues to return raw water pump #4 to service. It has been determined that the pump itself is repaired but the electrical power feed had been damaged previously. Officials said the power feed repairs are nearing completion.

As soon as power is restored, raw water pump #4 is expected to return to service. Raw water pump #2 will not be installed until raw water pump #4 has been in service long enough to assess reliability.

Work continued on Wednesday at O.B. Curtis on both the membrane and conventional plants. Both centrifuges at the O.B. Curtis sludge plant are now operational and in service. Repairs continue to restore the ventilation system in the chemical building.

Additional repairs were made to the EQ Basin motors and valves. The UV on Filter #4 were repaired and Filter #4 went back into service. This added an additional 4 million gallons per day processing ability and accounts for the increase in conventional production.

Repairs also continue on the high service pumps at the J.H. Fewell Water Plant.