JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Jackson’s water crisis continues to impact the local economy. Many restaurants in the city are losing money trying to make up for the lack of water. 

An on-going issue with seemingly no end in sight. Chef Derek Emerson, the owner of Walker’s Drive In, said his Jackson location is losing profit supplying ice and sodas for customers. The cost of having to purchase drinks is also causing the restaurant to raise prices to make up for lost profits, which Emerson believes is getting out of hand.

“I think people are understanding, but at some point, people charging $2.00, $2.00 a coke, and then their cokes cost $10.00,” said said Chef Emerson.

Emerson has also had to use restaurant funds to rent a 500-gallon water tank to use when water pressure is too low. The tank is costing Walker’s Drive In more than a $2,000 to rent for two weeks at time.

Emerson said city and state officials need to be held responsible for Jackson’s water crisis. Jackson City Councilman Vernon Hartley agreed.

“We need to work intimately with them to make sure that their individual business needs are being met,” said Councilman Hartley. “They need to have some type of security that we’re working on a great plan. “

While Emerson believes his loyal customers will keep Walker’s Drive In open, he said time is running out before smaller restaurants will begin to close or move to other cities.