JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Some Jackson restaurants are starting to get back to normal after the city’s boil water notice was lifted.

After nearly seven weeks under a boil water notice, Jackson restaurants are starting to bounce back.

“Lifting the boil water notice has chanced a lot of people’s mindsets.”

Restaurants like Lou’s Full-Serv and the Iron Horse Grill saw a dip in customers during the notice. But they say sales are rising since the notice was lifted on Monday.

“It’s definitely been a positive upturn in the last week or so. We’ve definitely seen an uptick,” said Louis LaRose, owner of Lou’s Full-Serv.

“This is the first bust I think we’ve seen here in over a couple of weeks. It’s very welcome news for the restaurant to be busy. Busy is good for us in our industry,” said Andy Nesenson, owner of the Iron Horse Grill.

LaRose is also thanking state officials like Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann and Secretary of State Michael Watson for encouraging Jackson neighbors to return to their favorite restaurants with incentives like the “Visit Jackson” restaurant tour.

“I definitely appreciate people getting out there, putting the word out and supporting these businesses like ours. Every little bit helps.”

Restaurants were spending thousands of dollars a week during the water advisory buying canned drinks, ice and water. Without the notice, those costs are declining.

“We’re back to normal levels on things like that. Expenditure on fountain drinks instead of having to buy canned drinks for everybody. That’s help cut the costs for sure.”

Management at Lou’s Full-Serv is also relieved they no longer have to worry about having to cut back on staff hours.

“We have an obligation to open our doors every day for our staff because we promised them gainful employment.”

Owners say they’re still far from where they were before the advisory, but they’re hopeful for the future.