JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Jackson water crisis has impacted thousands of residents, but businesses also suffered and experienced an economic shock.

For Babalu in Fondren, the water crisis was the last straw for the restaurant. The owners of Babalu, which has been in the Fondren neighborhood for more than a decade, said the decision to close the restaurant was not easy.

Rick Spell, with the Spell Restaurant Group, said staffing issues on top of an ongoing water crisis led to an overwhelming set of obstacles. He said sales dropped dramatically once the city’s water system failed.

“The water situation just decimated us and and sales dropped. You know, a recent month in the last two months 40%,” said Spell. “We were not able to fully staff to where we could run all tables at night.”

He continued, “The water situation didn’t have as many people come to the city is more attractive to go to places where you didn’t have to use a porta potty or get a canned coke.”

The restaurant’s final day of operation was Friday, September 30. Former Babalu employees have been offered positions at other Spell owned restaurants.