JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Many businesses, organizations and neighboring cities are coming together to help get clean water to the people of Jackson.

The need for clean drinking water is continuing to grow as Jackson remains under a boil water notice. The New Horizon Church parking lot was filled with vehicles lined up to get bottled water Saturday.

The Gujarati Samaj Indian Organization of Mississippi and other sponsors donated more than a 1,700 bottles of water.

The water bottles were nearly gone within an hour. Those who came out to get water say the water crisis has made life difficult, while state officials are calling for unity.

“I’ve had brown water coming out. I boil it for three minutes like they’ve recommended and it’s still brown. The hardest thing I’ve been dealing with was getting water. I’ve gone a couple of days without finding any because you had to get it from the stores. All the stores were out of water. Then, when you do find water, it’s a busted case. It was $3.98 a case, now its $7 a case. It was pretty hard to find,” said Minister James Hopkins.


Shuwaski Young, U.S. Congress, Distrcit 3

“We definitely need to see more work from our state government. They need to support the City of Jackson, support the mayor, support the citizens, the residents of this community, their taxpaying citizens with the city that is right now in crisis,” said Shuwaski Young, U.S. Congress, District 3.

Organizers of the event say they plan to collect another 1,700 bottles of water to hold another drive at the church.