JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson resident compared a recent water main break to the size of the Pearl River.

Northtown Apartment Homes experienced a water main break from where a fire hydrant once was, leaving the parking lot flooded.

“We pay too much money to live here, and we shouldn’t be confronted with this. I shouldn’t have to park my car that virtually equates to parking on the next block, just so I can have somewhere to park. I can’t park here because of the flooding,” said Anthony Gunter, who lives at the apartment complex.

Gunter said the property manager has been in contact with the City of Jackson for quite some time to fix the problem. Frustrated residents said the water has been leaking for well over a year before the pipe finally burst.

“I am asking the city to be proactive. Fix the issues that is going on with the city water. That’s all we’re asking. This is basic and by inactivity or not addressing a problem. This is always going to be the end result and people are going to suffer,” said Gunter.

Third-party manager Ted Henifin said the city is aware of the water main breaks in Jacksons, and crews are working to make repairs.