BASSFIELD, Miss. (WHLT) – Across Jefferson Davis County, the damage was severe after deadly tornadoes hit the Pine Belt on Easter Sunday.

T.J. Davis lived on Davis Road. He lost his home and entire farm, including his chicken coops and 59 cattle.

The third generation farmer is working to rebuild his entire live. More than a week after the storm, Davis is living in a camper on his land.

He said he’s thinking about rebuilding his cattle herd.

3928 Hwy 42 was a legacy home to the Lee Family that outlived 3 incidents. In 1982 the house was struck by lightening, during Hurricane Katrina a tree fell through the house and the roof needed to be redone and now 3 tornadoes leave the home of the Lee Family standing no more. The family is now living separate at two different residences of relatives. They had already started to salvage things after Easter Sundays Tornadoes but severe weather from this Sunday made what was salvageable no more