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Jim Hill teacher caught on tape slamming student to ground


Shocking video surfaced Friday afternoon of a teacher slamming a student to the ground at Jim Hill High School.

According to Jackson Public Schools, the incident happened during school hours outside the front building.

“I see one teacher the biggest guy of the group pick the kid up and slam him on the ground,” says Raylon Cowan.

Raylon Cowan was picking up a friend from Jim Hill High School when he saw a student being slammed to the ground.

Dr. Freddrick Murray the chief academic officer for high schools says campus enforcement was attempting to get the situation under control when a teacher got involved.

“And this adult injected himself into the situation picked the student up and slammed him,” says Dr. Murray, “It’s extremely important to know that’s that not the way we handle students.”

According to Dr. Murray, the high schooler was being aggressive toward a faculty member moments before being thrown.

“The point that he was slammed the student was not being he was compliant there were safety officers there,” says Dr. Murray.

Authorities say the student is expected to be okay.

“The student was crying and he was bleeding from his mouth,” says Tahj Young, student.

Sophomore Tahj Young initially posted the video to social media after watching this outside.

“My teacher herself was crying because she just never would expect for that to happen at Jim Hill,” says Young.

Moving forward, Dr. Murray says the investigation is still in its early stages, but the teacher could be fired, “Our recommendation from the initial video will be to recommend termination.”

Dr. Murray says the employee could also face criminal charges.

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