John Bond reflects on record he once held


Nick Fizgerald is the SEC’s all-time leader in rushing yards by a quarterback. 

Before him, it was held by Matt Jones and then Tim Tebow. Prior to those three, former bulldog John Bond owned the record for over two decades.

“It feels much better than having a Florida Gator or an Arkansas Razorback,” Bond said. “It’s a lot easier to watch him go by you, than it is those other guys. And plus it took those other guys like 60 games. Dak [Prescott] did it 44, the same number as me, I think he’s done it in 35 or 6.”

Last week, Fitzgerald broke the Bulldogs record for most rushing scores with 43. 

The senior quarterback is now tied at 7th place with Bo Jackson for the most in sec history, a running back Bond played against back in the early 80’s.

“Him and Herschel [Walker], having them at the same phenomenal couple of years there with them, but that’s a lot of rushing touchdowns.”

Bond finished his career at State with 24.

“But you know we had a lot more backs, too. We had five or six guys running the football, not just two. So, it was spread out amongst four, five, six guys.”

In his first season as head coach at Madison St. Joseph, Bond is quite busy. But, during football season, he has to make time to watch rushing quarterbacks like himself.

“When you watch film, you can’t get caught up in watching the ball. But when you’ve got guys like Dak and guys like Fitz that’s what you do. You get caught up watching the ball, because there’s no telling what’s going to happen. They’re great athletes and they’re going to make plays, so you don’t want to miss anything.” 

He says the Bulldogs will need to make plays in order to defeat Ole Miss in this year’s Egg Bowl.

“They’re going to have to score touchdowns. I think I said this a couple of years ago, when it was up there and they did. They went up there and scored touchdowns and won the ballgame. That’s what’s going to have to happen this year. You’re not going to be able to go down and score field goals, you’re going to have to put points on the board because Ole Miss can score and score quickly.”

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