JPD welcomes first female on to SWAT team

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Jackson Police Department is making history today as they welcome the first woman on to the SWAT team.

WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter was there for the historic ceremony.

Officer Cossandra Feltson is defying all odds and proving that women can truly do anything men can do by joining the SWAT team.

Feltson stands alongside 4 other men as they’re sworn into the Jackson Police Department SWAT team.

“Well gentlemen your achievements were as outstanding as anybody I just hate that you got caught up in history,” Chief Lee Vance joked.

She’s the first female in this position since the department formed a swat team in 1971.

“It’s historic and I am so proud that it happened during our administration,” he continued.

Feltson says she always dreamed about being in law enforcement but it wasn’t until recently that she decided to join the swat team.

“It’s something to be proud of to be on law enforcement or military and help people and be an example to other people I thought that was something to want to be,” Cossandra feltson explained.

She says training and testing were physically and mentally draining but it was well worth it.

“As far as men and woman I don’t even look at it that way I’m not intimidated by men or any other women but it feels good it feels good to be a part of it,” She said.

As the mom of two girls and one boy feltson hopes to set the example that no matter your gender anything can be done through hard work and determination.

“Just try don’t doubt yourself and that’s what I did at first I doubted myself that’s what took me so long to even try don’t doubt yourself work at what you want and get it,” she encourages.

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