JPD’s eye in the sky is lighting up Jackson


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Jackson Police Department is following the footsteps of several Louisiana Police Departments — such as New Orleans.

NOLA Police Department has been using the “real time crime” flashing blue light cameras to help track down criminals more easily and more quickly.

 JPD has installed these lights on telephone poles near crime hotspots in South Jackson.

Officer Sam Brown explained that this modern method will allow them to stop a crime before it even unfurls…

“We can see crime as it actually happens in real time,” Brown said. “In case of a child abduction or a hit and run accident or any type of criminal act it’s being monitored. We can actually take the taps and roll them back, see exactly who, what, where, when and why.”

In the meantime, the cameras will be surveyed by the 9-1-1 dispatch staff, but Brown said that this is all part of a much bigger plan.

“We’re gonna add more,” Brown said. “The goal is to have approximately 200 cameras around the city of Jackson. This is phase one, we have 26-30 cameras right now going up in South Jackson. So we still have to work West Jackson and North Jackson.”

Brown said just seeing these lights will hopefully be a deterrent for criminals.

Brown also said that these cameras have the ability to recognize faces, to help spot repeat offenders.

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