JSU mascot reaction


Athletes and coaches get penalties on the field all the time, but it’s not too often that a mascot gets their team in trouble!

Well, it happened Sunday at the Jackson State University Football game though… and reactions were mixed.

In the video, viewers can see Sunny thee tiger shamelessly joining his teammates on the field after an impressive catch by wide receiver Warren Newman.

While this may have looked fun, it is not legal, and it did penalize the

Madisyn Prucot is a fellow student-athlete at Jackson State… and she thought he was just having the players’ backs.

Madisyn Prucot, Jackson State softball player: “At the end of the day the coach should be upset, it does give a 15 yard penalty but I think that’s what represents Jackson is we have fun with it when we’re playing ball you know we’re out there and we’re gonna be competitive we’re gonna have some good sportsmanship but we can have fun like that and get in the game and that’s gonna be ok.”

Prucot says this maybe wasn’t the best way to express it, but he was just showing school spirit.

Kate Cornell with the report.

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