In the Caribbean, Tropical Storm Dorian is gaining strength. It is en-route to hit the U.S.

Still a week away from reaching Florida, the storm has already impacted one Jackson State student from the region.

Naysa Lynch is a marketing major and this hurricane hits close to home. She’s from the Virgin Islands where Dorian hit before it reached Puerto.

With debris piling the roads and heavy winds sending trees across yards, people in the Virgin Islands had little time to seek shelter.

“Real heavy winds that made me feel like I was back in Hurricanes Erma and Maria,” Naysa’s Mom Monique Richards said.

A home in St. Thomas loses its roof from Dorian.

Around noon Eastern-Time Hurricane Dorian made its way over the Virgin Islands expected to hit the U.S mainland next Wednesday.

“They were not able to just properly prepare for this Hurricane,” Lynch said.”I was just talking to my mom and she was saying they weren’t even able to just put up their Hurricane Shutters before it hit.”

Born and raised in the Virgin Islands she recalls how Hurricanes Maria and Irma destroyed their family home. Now in the height of hurricane season, her family is all she thinks about.

Trees and debris fill the roads around St. Thomas from heavy winds.

“My mom said earlier today there were high winds and it was a lot of Hurricane behavior,” Lynch continued.

“Whether or not you’re in the direct path prepare yourself,” Richards advised. “Get some water, get your batteries it is very traumatic. Make sure you know where your family members are and stay in close contact with them.”

“I was really traumatized,” Richards explained. “I got an instant headache it is really really bad. A lot of debris is on the road, we are under a curfew and we are out of power since 1:00 p.m. For the night we’ve got our battery radios and lanterns, I’m actually in my vehicle charging my cell phone.”

Though nearly 2,000 miles away from home, Naysa already feels she’s experienced hurricane Dorian and if it makes its way to the mainland her family has a message for everyone.