Kale and Cancer: Belhaven studies potential cure


Belhaven University Biology Department may have found another link to help find the cure to caner.

Not it’s not another harsh chemical or another harsh drug. It’s an organic substance found in nature… kale

Kale is a vegetable that is in the family of cabbage. The stem of plant is strong and hard which gives life to its large leaves.

Elizabeth Brandon Professor of Biology says the research started several years ago in melanoma (skin cancer) cells. Brandon explains she had a graduate student at the time that wanted to test the hypothesis that there were chemicals in kale juice that might prevent the growth in cancer cells.

At first there was some skepticism but if there was an agent in kale that could prevent cancer, that alone was enough to continue to research it more.

Cancer is caused by an uncontrolled rapid division of abnormal cells in the body. If there was a way to stop the cells from dividing so quickly they could be one step closer to finding the cure.

During the study the melanoma cells that were treated by the kale juice did kill the cancer cells. And when the kale was tested on non-cancerous cells t see if it would negatively affect them it didn’t.

Biology major Lawrence Mason hopes that the study will help people understand that food isn’t just food it’s not just there to fill you up there’s a lot more to it.

Currently, Belhaven is testing kale juice on other typ0es of cells to see if they will get the same results. The biology department hopes their discovery will help out many affected by this disease

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