Keep your car in tip top shape during this cold snap


Car maintenance is important year round, but as colder days, weeks and months approach… there’s a few things you need to keep in mind that are only applicable in the winter.

Patrick Williamson, the Fixed Operations Director at Rogers Dabbs Chervrolet in Brandon explained.

“You wanna make sure you check the coolant levels,” Williamson explained. “The antifreeze in the engine to keep it from expanding when the temperatures drop below freezing. You also wanna check your tire pressures, make sure those stay at a level that’s appropriate according to the door label they too tend to drop once the cold weather hits.”

You may find that when you first start your car, the low tire pressure icon will immediately light up… even if you recently added air… Williamson said it very well could be a false alarm.

“They will drop when the temperature is below freezing or when the  temperature is colder,” Williamson said. “But as you drive the vehicles those  pressures will heat up, which will eventually cause the light to go back off as long as you maintain those levels.”

Another tip is having a winter safety kit equipped with a blanket and flashlight, should you end up waiting for triple A or police to help you after getting into a fender bender, a flat tire or any other practical car trouble.

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