Kingston Frazier’s mother testifies in trial against Dwan Wakefield


Lawyers delivered opening statements on Tuesday in the trial against Dwan Wakefield.

UPDATE: 10:20 P.M. – More than two years after Kingston Frazier’s death the final suspect in his kidnapping and murder began his trial Tuesday afternoon.

With this investigators and Frazier’s family also began their testimony and we recap what they had to say.

Day one of Dwan Wakefield’s trial is in the bag and one of the first to testify was the mother of Kingston Frazier Ebony Archie who fought back tears as she took the stand describing the moment she discovered her six-year-old child was gone with her car.

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Six-Year-Old Kingston Frazier of Jackson.

“It’s Kingston Frazier that’s my son,” Archie cried as she saw pictures of the kid discovered in the back of her car.

Identifying pictures at the stand Ms. Archie emotionally explained the early morning of May 18th, 2017 when her life was changed forever.

“I immediately stopped, I dropped my bags and I ran over to the officer who was sitting in his car,” Archie stated. “He wasn’t observant of what was going on so I knocked on his window and told him my son was missing and so was my car.”

Surveillance footage from the Kroger off I-55 in Jackson shows Archie pulling in leaving the car running with her son asleep inside while she quickly ran in to buy a few groceries.

“I saw the police car there and his lights were on so I figured if I could run in really quick and the officers were outside and I go there all the time,” Archie continued.

Moments later surveillance shows a man identified as Byron McBride walk over from a car driven by Wakefield and eventually hop into Archie’s car driving off.

“This defendant has knowledge of who told him who killed the child,” District Attorney Randy Harris said. “Has knowledge of who kidnapped this child, and has knowledge of who stole this car.”

17-Year-Old Dwan Wakefield of Ridgeland arrested accessory in Kingston Frazier’s kidnapping and murder.

That’s where prosecutors push for Wakefield to face counts of accessory after the fact of auto theft, kidnapping, and murder since he picked up McBride who confessed to shooting Frazier. Using evidence the defense saw a different angle.

“Dwan Wakefield is the one who tells them the name of Byron McBride,” Attorney Tom Fortner said. “That’s the moment when the Police find out the killer is Byron McBride, Dwan Wakefield tells them Byron McBride is at Somer Set Apartments and that’s where he lives.”

Since his first arrest, Wakefield was released on bond and will continue to spend mornings and nights with his family until the trial concludes.

Day two of Wakefield’s hearing is set to begin Wednesday at 9:00 A.M.

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MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Lawyers delivered opening statements on Tuesday in the trial against Dwan Wakefield. He’s the final suspect accused in the death of six-year-old Kingston Frazier.

Wakefield is charged with accessory after the fact to kidnapping, murder and auto theft in Madison County.

Kingston’s mother Ebony Archie and Hinds County Deputy James Myers testified during the first day of the trial.

Prosecutors said Wakefield knew about Byron McBride stealing Archie’s car, with the child inside, before Kingston was shot and killed. Investigators said the car was stolen from the Kroger on I-55 in Jackson in May 2017. Kingston was found dead hours later in Madison County.

The defendant’s attorney, Tom Fortner, argues evidence shows his client was not aware of Kingston’s death until he picked up McBride. When Wakefield was arrested, he allegedly led officers to McBride.

As the trial moves forward, jurors are expected to hear from Madison County deputies who found the stolen car and communications between Wakefield and McBride. The trial will resume on Wednesday, October 29, at 9:00 a.m.

McBride and D’Allen Washington both pleaded guilty in the case. McBride was sentenced to life in prison, and Washington was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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