Kosciusko kid becomes finalist in the MLB Pitch, Hit, & Run competition


Hitting homeruns comes easy for 11-year old Aidan Howard.

And, after receiving an email from the MLB Pitch, Hit & Run competition, Aidan’s parents thought it would be a perfect way to showcase the talents they’ve seen all season.

“My mom got an email that gave us an invitation and it was open to everybody,” said Aidan. “We went ahead and took that chance.”

And it’s no surprise Aidan won the 11/12 year old district competition in Hattiesburg.

“It was a shock. Then we got to the second round and it was way more surprising than the 1st time and bigger competition and so it was more nerveracking.”

After winning the 2nd round, Aidan was invited to Minute Maid Park to compete against the top 2 athletes in his age group from Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

“It was fun, I had lots of fun. There was a bigger kid in front of me and scared me, it scared me, it scared me and parents. He was like 4 inches taller than me or so. We didn’t think I was going to win that time.”

This competition has produced top draft picks in recent years, including the No. 1 overall pick in the this year’s MLB Draft.

Aidan has hit 6 home runs this spring, with a .518 batting average, 29 hits, and 37 RBIs. 

“I always had it in my mind. I knew that I could do it, it was a matter if I was in my zone if I was playing. I did have a thought there and had another thought I was going to lose, but it all came together at once.”

Now, Aidan is waiting to find out if he’s a national finalist, where his prize is opportunity to snag fly balls in the outfield during the 2019 MLB Homerun Derby.

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