Kylie Melons in Canton takes off with new store


CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) — “Kylie Melons started nine years ago, right here in front of my dad’s car lot,” explained Kylie Warren, owner of Kylie Melons.

For many years, Warren Used Cars in Canton was home to two businesses — the car shop and Kylie Melons.

After a few semesters at Holmes Community College, Kylie got creative with making and saving money to pay for tuition at Mississippi State.

“I was going to Mississippi State on a ‘Watermelon scholarship!'” Warren said. “As of May 1 this year, we opened up Kylie Melons, the actual produce market. It’s been wonderful. We’ve had so many great people come in.”

Over the years Kylie was able to expand far beyond just melons, he now is able to sell apples and pumpkins and much more.

“I gotta tell you something,” Warren said. “Kylie Melons has really been a dream of mine to have something like this. I had no idea it was going to become this as fast as it did. God has blessed us tremendously.”

Many people in Canton agree that Kylie Warren is a one of a kind guy and Kylie Melons is a one of a kind store.

“Hey,” said Ella Mae Lewis. “That’s my brother! He’s everything to me. I love him!”

Another longtime friend and shopper at Kylie Melons is Robbie Walker, who said it’s a Canton staple.

“Every time you come in you’re at least gonna get a smile,” Walker said. “I think that’s hard to get nowadays. He’s always here. He’s always helping us out however we need.”

Warren said that although it’s a family business, if a college kid who needed a few extra bucks knocked on his door. the same way that he did to his dad, he’d find a position for him or her.

Warren said for him and his family, revenue is secondary to making community impact.


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