Lakeshore Church to exhibit live drive-through Nativity


BYRAM, Miss. (WJTV) – First Baptist of Jackson is in their run of the traditional Carols by Candlelight this weekend.

Shiloh Methodist in Pelahatchie is having their elaborate drive through Nativity this weekend, also. But if you’ve not seen this one at Lakeshore Methodist in Byram, drive through it Friday or Saturday night.

There are live nativity scenes at churches all over this time of the year- And the range in size and scope from simply Mary and Joseph and the babe in a manger, all the way up to this- what Lakeshore Church does in Byram.

Jay Frazier/Sr. Pasror, Lakeshore Church-Byram: It starts with creation. Half of it leads all the way to the manger. And that’s in the center paring lot. It’s in the center of the campus if you will. Then comes around ‘course we have the crucifixion, we have the resurrection and the assertion.

Walt: It’s in essence the highlights of the Bible spread across the three parking lots of the church. And Pastor Jay sees this annual event in light of changing culture and says it accomplishes something that has gone missing over the past few decades.

Jay Frazier: Just in our generations, you know people came to church because that was what was expected of them. The big word we call it Cultural Christianity. People grew up in the church and you go to church your while life. Well we live in a day and age now where research is telling us that fewer and fewer people see the need to go to church. And this is one of the neat ways that you never get out of your car. You’re no accosted. There’s not an invitation. There’s not an offering. A few years ago we started having a donation box because we had people ask us, say, “Let us pay something for all that y’all have done.” So it’s really neat. But no money is solicited. It’s a free event. One of the things we’ve seen happen is families- parents taking their kids. It’s really sad in a way that we’ve had people say this is really the only time we’re together. The day and age we live in the dinner table is gone.

Walt: Philosophically, so much of our western culture and western civilization is based on the very events portrayed in the drive by nativity at Lakeshore Church in Byram. Practically, it’s a way to really do something with the family again- drive through and see it.

Seasonally, what’s Christmas without baby Jesus in the manger?

The Lakeshore Drive Through Nativity is 6 until 10 Friday and Saturday nights at Lakeshore Church on Siwell Road in Byram.

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